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Pollen calendar

Picture: ColourboxPollen calendars show when it is the season for the most important pollens in relation to pollen allergy.

The season may vary for different countries. Within a country it may vary from year to year. The rest of this page contains links to national pollen calendars and/or pollen counts.

Europe: www.polleninfo.org
On this page you can find information about pollen for 35 countries in Europe. You can also find links to the individual countries own pages about pollen.

USA: www.aaaai.org/nab/
There are 70 certified pollen-counting stations spread across USA. You can find pollen counts for 5 regions that are subdivided into many localities.

Canada: www.theweathernetwork.com/pollenfx/canpollen_en/
You can find pollen counts and calendars for many cities in the 10 regions.

Australia: www.allergy.org.au/content/category/3/48/241/