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Food Allergy Portal

The Food Allergy Portal is a collection of critically assessed webpages about food allergy.

The webpages are in 12 different European languages (Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norweigen, Polish, Spanish and Swedish) and you can either search by language or by target audience.

The interface to the Portal is available in several languages. Just click on the flag representing the language you desire.


EuroPrevall patient prochure

EuroPrevall is cooperating with Ga2len, which is a network of leading European research centres specialized in allergic diseases. We have produced a food allergy brochure for patients available at the Ga2len website.

EuroPrevall papers

EuroPrevall has published a range of scientific papers on different topics related to food allergy. We have adapted some of the papers in order to make them understandable for people without a scientific background: