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Unproven diagnostic methods

Picture: ColourboxDifferent Internet pages advertise many alternative diagnostic methods, e.g. measurement of food specific IgG antibodies, hair-analysis, cytotoxic tests, kinesiology, iridology, and electrodermal testing. The usefulness of these methods for food allergy diagnosis has not been proven by properly performed scientific studies. Hence, clinicians and scientists cannot recommend the use of these methods in the diagnosis of food allergy.

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Articles on unproven diagnostic methods:

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  • Stapel SO, Asero R, Ballmer-Weber BK, Knol EF, Strobel S, Vieths S, Kleine-Tebbe J (2008). Testing for IgG4 against foods is not recommended as a diagnostic tool: EAACI Task Force Report. Allergy 63, 793-796.