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Employee training and supervision

Training and supervision of all staff is essential to avoid unintentional presence of allergens in products and incorrect labelling. All staff need to be aware of how important their role is in protecting allergic consumers.

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The “Think on ….. Allergy and allergens” is a freely available training program for employees in food manufacturing plants developed by Nestlé. The training program consist of an introductory page, a short guide how to use the material, 3 training sessions each with 5-6 problems, and feedback-sheets. A training session takes 30-60 minutes and can be done without a trained moderator and without preparation. The idea is to perform the training on site. When a group has worked with a session their supervisor gives feedback using the corresponding feedback-sheets.

The Food Standards Agency (UK) has developed online training material for enforcement officers but food manufacturers may also be interested in using the material to train employees.

FARRP (Food Allergy Research and resource Program) have together with Silliker Inc. created commercial training material for employees in food production facilities. This material consists of a video, and different written material.

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