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Training Programme for Factory Employees:
"THINK ON... Allergy and Allergens"

The programme is designed for factory employees, working in food manufacturing and/or other technical assistance functions. The idea is to offer an easy-to-perform basic training programme on control of food allergens and food allergy.

Picture from Colourbox.The programme is intended at the same time to raise Quality and Food Safety Awareness and to draw the attention of our people to gaps and to means for improvement in a very basic and interactive manner.

A training session takes 30 – 60 minutes and can be done without a trained facilitator and without preparation. The material is available as pdf-files and can be printed out on every PC (or can just be copied).
We recommend groups are formed with about 8 people from the same production unit. One of them acts as the facilitator. The group works on given questions, which are first answered individually, then discussed in the group and finally, the answers are fixed on a board close to either the production line, the group's rest room, or any other convenient place.
At a convenient time after the training, the training supervisor gives the group feedback on their answers using the corresponding feedback sheet. It must be completed taking into account the factory and line specific issues. We recommend using the evaluation to motivate people by giving positive feedback to the groups.
The material remains on the board until the next training session. In the meantime it is used as a discussion platform – i.e., if people do not understand some issues completely, they can ask their training supervisor next time they see him/her and time allows for discussion.

The advantages of such training are obvious. It is interactive and not in a classical class-room model. It is highly flexible and can even be done during production interruptions, planned or unplanned. On the other hand, it is an instrument to find out which issues are understood and accepted by our collaborators and which ones need further attention.

This project called "Denkpause" was initiated by the German operational company of Nestlé.

The German package on food allergens and allergy has been slightly adapted and translated into English by Nestlé Quality Management to be available for a broader audience. EuroPrevall has made minor changes to the version provided by Nestlé. The 3 training sessions, each with 5 or 6 tasks, the feedback-sheets and a short instruction how to perform the training sessions are attached as pdf-files.

Links to training material:

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Feedback from second training session
Third training session
Feedback from third training session
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