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Food businesses must cooperate with each other and competent authorities to reduce or eliminate the risk of providing consumers with unsafe foods according to Article 19 of the General Food Law. 

According to Article 17 of the General Food Law one of the responsibilities of the competent authorities is to monitor and control that food businesses satisfy food law requirements at all stages of the food chain.

Picture from Colourbox. Food producers, manufacturers and distributors interact in an increasingly complex way. For example, many manufacturers or distributors require primary producers to meet quality and/or safety specifications. Distributors increasingly play a key role in product conception and design when food producers make food products under the brand-name of the distributor.

This new situation requires food businesses throughout the food chain to cooperate for safe foods. Each link in the food chain must comply with food law requirements and for example implement procedures to prevent unsafe foods and to trace their foods.

Where a product fails food law requirements, the competent authorities will review the liability of each link in the chain to determine whether it has properly fulfilled its own specific responsibilities.

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