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Freely available information and training material

Title of material and availability
The Anaphylaxis Campaign (UK) Catering for Allergy. Website available at: www.cateringforallergy.org.uk
Picture: ColourboxThis website is designed for caterers to provide information about food allergy. The website contains the following headlines: About food allergy, What can go wrong, Communication, and Selling food and the law.
 The Food Standards Agency (UK) Advice for caterers on allergy and intolerance. Available at: www.food.gov.uk/safereating/allergyintol/guide/caterers/
A comprehensive short guide for caterers offering advice on allergy and intolerance.  It offers helpful tips for training kitchen and service staff.
 The Food Standards Agency (UK) Providing allergen information for non pre-packed foods. Available at: www.food.gov.uk/foodindustry/...

This guidance package consists of a poster, an 8-page leaflet, and a 54-page guidance document.

  • The guidance document provides detailed advice for caterers and retailers on how to tackle allergy issues.
  • The leaflet highlights the key principles that caterers and retailers need to think about.
  • The poster is a useful training aid to introduce the main allergens of concern.
 The Food Standards Agency (UK) The Food Standards Agency's food allergy online training. Available at: http://allergytraining.food.gov.uk/
The FSA has developed this online training material for enforcement officers but it might also be of interest to the food industry (manufacturers as well as caterers) and the public wanting to learn more about food allergy.
 The Food Standards Agency Scotland CookSafe – a food safety assurance system for caterers. Available at: www.food.gov.uk/foodindustry/regulation/...
The house rules on cross contamination prevention lists the most common allergens and gives key tips for caterers. 
 The US Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) Welcoming Guests with Food Allergies. Available at: www.foodallergy.org/welcomingguests.html
This is a restaurant training guide designed to train restaurant staff to safely prepare and serve food to guests with food allergies. This 60-page guide includes case studies, best practices, up-to-date research, food labelling information, and practical strategies for avoiding cross-contact, as well as suggested procedures for keeping guests safe and steps to prepare for an allergic emergency. FAAN also have free posters for restaurants for download (www.foodallergy.org/downloads.html) and sells a Food Allergy Training Video for Restaurants and Food Services.
 Nederlands anafylaxis netwerk (Dutch patient organisation)

Website available in four languages at: www.restaurantenallergie.nl.

Dutch: Menukaart
English: Menu card (expected to be finished in 2009)
French: Carte de menu (expected to be finished in 2009)
German: Menukärte (expected to be finished in 2009)

This website is designed for caterers to provide information about food allergy. The Nederlands anafylaxis network also sells training for restaurant staff.
 AHA! Schweizerisches Zentrum für Allergie, Haut und Asthma (Swiss patient organisation)

Brochures for download. Available in 3 languages at www.ahaswiss.ch.
German:  Allergene in Offenverkauf
French: Allergènes dans les denrées alimentaires vendues en vrac
Italian: Allergeni in derrate alimentari offerte sfuse

These 16-page brochures contain basic food allergy information as well as practical help for caterers (restaurants, butchers and bakeries) on how to tackle food allergy.
 Cooperation between a German patient organisation, DAAB, and German representative of Hotels and Caterers, DeHoGa. Brochure for download in German: "Gute Gastgeber für Allergiker". Available at: www.dehoga-bundesverband.de/home/...
In German. The 36-page brochure contains basic food allergy information as well as practical help for caterers on how to be good hosts for food allergic people. The brochure contains checklists as a help to implement critical points.
 Cooperation between a Danish patient organisation and 3 government institutions. Danish training program for caterers called “Mad til mennesker med fødevareallergi”. Available at: www.foedevareallergi.dk/...
In Danish. The training program for caterers consist of 3 personal stories (Historier) told verbally about how it is to live with a food allergy, an on-line quiz (Quiz) and problems (Opgaver) aimed at bakers, slaughters, cooks or waiters. A well-known Danish cook introduces all the training verbally.