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Picture: ColourboxAll caterers and restaurateurs need to take food allergy seriously. People with food allergy may not tolerate even the tiniest amount of the food they are allergic to. Some reactions to foods may be mild but some people can die from a severe allergic reaction to food.

So when an allergic consumer asks for information about ingredients in foods on a menu it is of utmost importance that you never guess the answer. Find out the information the consumer wants by talking to the chef and checking ingredients labels. If you do not know or cannot find the answer be honest and tell the consumer you do not know.

On this website you can find basic information about food allergy under Food Allergy Facts and the most important foods causing allergy under Foods Causing Allergy. For further information on what you can do as a caterer to provide safe foods for your allergic consumers, we have suggested other relevant websites which can be accessed via the menu on the left.