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Food allergies: Why do food manufacturers need to bother?

Food manufacturers need to know and communicate the ingredients and possible cross-contaminants in their food(s) to allergic people, as they must avoid the offending food(s) even in trace amounts.

It is a legal requirement for them to provide safe foods and to label food products properly. You can learn more about what this involves on this website.

Food Allergy Information is a website that offers credible food allergy information and guidance

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Who created this website?

Pia Nørhede and Charlotte Madsen at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, developed the content of this website in collaboration with a group of leading allergy experts from the food industry, patient organisations, clinical centres, and research institutions in Europe as part of the European research project EuroPrevall. The website editing and hosting has been undertaken by the Institute of Food Research under the leadership of Clare Mills. The Institute of Food Research also curates the InformAll database.

What this website has to offer:

Food Allergy Information is a website that offers credible food allergy information. Some of this is of general interest but it also provides information geared to the needs of the food industry and national authorities.  

  • Food Allergy Facts provides basic information on what a food allergy is, the extent of the problem, possible causes, prevention, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. You will also find a link to the Food Allergy Portal, which is a collection of critically assessed websites about food allergy in 12 different European languages.
  • Foods Causing Allergy contains links to relevant pages in the InformAll Database. The InformAll Database contains information on many of the foods that have been reported to cause allergy.
  • EU Legal Requirements contains information for manufacturers operating in the EU or wishing to export to the EU about the legal requirements in Europe regarding allergenic foods.
  • Food Manufacturing contains guidance for the food industry on how to deal with allergens in food production including how to avoid the unintentional presence of allergens in food products.
  • Catering contains links to relevant websites with information on what you can do as a caterer to provide safe foods for your allergic consumers.